Product traceability

Number the holograms for production information

Product traceability

A product provided with numbered hologram is a product with an identity card. It contains specific information on the product and brand such as the year of placing on the market, product photos, data sheet, seller or other content of your choice. Tracing the production course of the product starting from checking the hologram is the safest and most reliable method to make sure it is genuine.

Companies that use holographic adhesive supports, hologram tags or hologram cards, can trace and check products by means of proprietary software dedicated to controlling licensing.

Integration on the Brand portal

The end user has to check the authenticity of the products; therefore it is important that the communicated information is in line with the style of the brand. In order to guarantee high level of customization by the brand owner, it is possible to integrate the traceability service on its portal, or on its desktop or mobile application, ensuring maximum security and efficiency through our APIs.

Online research

Check the hologram number and receive the product data sheet in real time.


A number corresponds to a product of a brand. There is no room for mistakes.


Software developers can integrate traceability on any device.

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