Holograms' support

The support suitable to all your needs

Squarish papers

Squarish support has variable dimensions and can contain from 10 to 100 holograms abt. It is possible to shape holograms with standard square, with square, rectangular and circular form or in personalized form

Coloring of the holographic base can be chosen while projecting texture, and it is available also transparent. For squarish holograms it is possible to make a laser consecutive or random numbering.

It is ideal for manual applications.

Holographic reels

Support on reels can contain a variable number of holograms that can be applied by automatic labelling machines. Average length can come from few meters to a kilometer.

It is possible to shape holograms in standard or personalized forms, and it is possible to personalize pace between each hologram and dimension of the inner core thanks to a guaranteed compatibility with each industrial automatism.

Hologram can have personalized colours. It can also be transparent. It can be numbered consecutive or random by laser or thermal reproduction.

Holographic foil

Foil supports are specific for hot stamping application on several kinds of surfaces. Coil has a variable average length, from few hundreds of meters up to some hundreds of thousands of meters.

Holographic texture is completely user-adjustable, from colours to dimensions.

At customer's choice, it is possible to create a sheet with a united or repeated texture, or it is possible to characterize single holograms with crop marks in order to point the right holograms' lineup and drive their cut

Holographic hang-tag

Hang-tag support provides a finished product to the customer. It is produced with or without hologram application, at choice. Whereas customer also chooses hologram, it can be single or in band in order to meet aesthetic requirements of product.

Dimensions are user-adjustable and it is projected according to customers' specifications. Punched tables allow the biggest level of personalization: from double-sided reproduction to creation of a hole to transform price tag into a pendant.

It is possible to apply consecutive or random numbering.

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