Scratch-off with holograms

It is ideal for contests with prize and lotteries

Scratch-off with holograms

It is the adhesive holographic product with a silver surface used to protect a prize, a code or a written work in general away from prying eyes.

Particular composition of the holographic layer makes it scratchable simply with a coin. Thickness of hologram allows to keep the underlying written text unreadable even backlit. It resists to light frictions caused by accidental contacts with other materials.

Our company takes care both of production and trading of coils with holographic stickers, and of realizing the finished product by printing consecutive or random numbering on tickets.

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Examples of application

It can brilliantly be used on tickets for contests with prize, discount tickets, lotteries and scratchcards.

Technical specifications

  • Sizes: user-adjustable
  • Material: polyester film plus removable upholsterly
  • Supply: squarish papers, machineable coils or finished product

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