Licensing control software

The web application for your licensing

Licensing control software

This is the exclusive software solution to allow companies that license their brands and licensees to manage relations between the parties online and from any device.

It is very easy to manage the duration of a license by means of the platform: from the purchase of the licensee to the signing of the contract, from the concept of a new product to the design of the prototype, from the purchase of holograms to sales analysis. Each company department can operate independently on the individual area of expertise or on the complete management of the platform, to divide the operations management or to be aware of everything that happens. The integration of the anti-counterfeiting product with the platform is guaranteed by a numerical code on the support which therefore allows traceability, representing an exceptional barrier to any counterfeiters.

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Graphic approval, packaging and product prototype, provisional approvals.


Create an order, check the history or monitor the status of the shipment.


Address section to ship worldwide without typing errors or distraction.


Important information, attachments, reminders, meetings and e-mail alerts.


Postpone deadlines, request via e-mail, time summary and attachment management.


Reports every one, three, six, twelve months, statistics and diagrams, customized contracts.


To safely divide the management of activities.


Check the genuineness of the product with the hologram code, which can be integrated into websites and apps.

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