Tamper proof adhesive holograms

They destroy themselves at the first tampering attempt

Tamper proof adhesive holograms

This product is able to highlight any attempt of forcing through self-destruction of the same at any attempt of removal. In this way, damaged hologram can not be used anymore.

Hologram can be personalized in form, colours and dimensions guaranteing a safe application on every support. Tamper evident function of hologram is already guaranteed just few minutes after application of hologram. It is possible to apply this kind of hologram with industrial automatisms which is then supplied on machineable coils.

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Examples of application

It is mainly use to protect and authenticate contracts, projects or supports with a variable value like parking licenses, etc.

Technical specifications

  • Colours: silver, golden, red, blu, green, transparent
  • Sizes: user-adjustable
  • Thickness: 36-50 micron
  • Numbering: consecutive or random
  • Material: metallized polyester film
  • Supply: squarish papers, machineable coils

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