Adhesive holograms

The most widespread holograms

Adhesive holograms

It is the most widespread anti-counterfeiting product thanks to its application simplicity and it's flexibility in use. Adhesive hologram is offered on practical squarish papers or on coils, it guarantees compatibility with automatic labelling machines and for production lines.

The slightest thickness, together with the full personalization allow to make the product flexible and efficient on every support, getting a product with dimensions, forms and colours wholly satisfying customers' requirements.

If you need to make the holographic label univocal, it is possible to print a consecutive or random numbering and subsequently insert it in a computerized traceability system or in a simple paper register.

The adhesive holographic system lends itself to numerous uses, as is the case of participation certificates, where unauthorized duplication and falsification can lead to legal problems.

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Examples of application

It is suited for application on paper and cardboard for products like: contracts, badges, objects, packagings and much more.

Technical specifications

  • Colours: silver, golden, red, blu, green, transparent
  • Sizes: user-adjustable
  • Thickness: 36-50 microns
  • Numbering: consecutive or random
  • Material: metallized polyester film
  • Supply: squarish papers, machineable coils

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