Adhesive warranty seals

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Adhesive tamper-proof seals

This is the anti-counterfeiting product designed to ensure the safety of the most important documents. The narrow and elongated shape is ideal for sealing the most important contracts, protecting them from tampering or forgery attempts.

The support also available in a tamper evident version can no longer be used once tampered with or damaged. Its small size allows it to be used as tamper-proof seal on packaging or even following repair operations on electronic devices, appliances, swimming pools, elevators.

The holographic tamper-proof seal differs from a traditional seal for its non-reproducibility feature and it is used to protect also from situations defined by legal liability (maintenance checks, certifications, declarations of responsibility).

Customizing the hologram is simple and allows you obtaining a product that accurately reflects the image of the end user.

  • Adhesive tamper-proof seal branded Orthofan
  • Adhesive tamper-proof seal branded Rovigo Banca

How does it look like?

The reflection of light creates a fascinating combination of colors

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Technical specifications

  • Colours: silver, golden, red, blu, green, transparent
  • Sizes: 10x70mm, 20x70mm, custom
  • Thickness: 36-50 micron
  • Numbering: consecutive or random
  • Material: metallized polyester film
  • Supply: squarish papers, machineable coils

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