Holograms for tickets and permits

To recognize forgeries or unauthorized copies

Holograms for tickets and permits

This is the ideal product to help you discover at sight if a ticket, a parking permit (for residents or disabled persons) or a generic ticket is genuine or counterfeit. Using the hologram in these cases simplifies the checks, as its presence is already a guarantee of not dealing with fraud attempts.

Forging a parking permit or a bus ticket is simple. The most common solutions include the use of unique codes and centralized electronic control systems, which have fixed costs to be incurred. Think of the public transport networks that use NFC tickets and then think of the costs for specific readers connected to the Internet on all means and the monthly costs for repair operations and maintenance.

Applying a hologram is simpler, the cost is variable and does not require sophisticated tools. A policeman who checks the regularity of parking can simply make sure that the hologram is present on the ticket.

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