Holograms for fashion and clothing

To protect the Brand from counterfeiting

Holograms for fashion and clothing

The application of the hologram has proved to be the most economical and effective solution in order to protect the fashion industry from counterfeiting. The hologram can be applied on the packaging as a simple adhesive label, on the illustrative tag of the product or it can be applied directly on the garment label together with the washing instructions.

In addition to being an effective anti-counterfeiting solution, the holographic support also promotes the image of the Brand; the refraction of light sources creates a rainbow effect impossible to miss. Without using complex tools, the end user can thus understand if the product is genuine and qualitative.

It is possible to add a numerical code on the hologram, which can help tracing who produced that garment and when, and also if the photo of the product coincides with the garment on which it was applied. It is also possible to extend its use by means of our proprietary software, in order to receive feedback and reviews from users or to monitor sales trends.

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