Trademark protection services

Defend yourself against fakes and unfair competition

Trademark protection services

The identity of a brand represents its essence. The true brand is distinguished by its ability to inspire generations of people, to create new ideas and concepts, to make people think about social or environmental topics. The brand grows in terms of value and popularity when it is constantly discussed, sometimes exposing itself to the risk of being reproduced. When it comes to trademark protection it is appropriate to think of contracts, patents, and copyrights but these solutions are mainly focused on protecting the brand itself and offering economic protection to the company, without involving direct benefits for the end user. The end customer needs a simple but efficient tool to understand if the product he buys is as genuine as he is: the hologram.

The hologram as a guarantee of authenticity

The hologram is the anti-counterfeiting tool par excellence, therefore very difficult and expensive to counterfeit, being also used on bills as a security system.

The marketing of holographic products occurs only with the authorization of the company that owns the trademark, thus avoiding an improper or counterfeit use of the anti-counterfeiting tool.

The holographic support is widely distributed in every sector, especially in consumer products and in fashion, where it is easier and cheaper to make the end user aware of the purchase of genuine goods bearing the hologram, rather than the implementation of complex and expensive check systems in stores or markets to identify reproductions or fake products.

By combining a number with the hologram, it is possible to trace the product design or the production batch directly to the manufacturing company by means of the proprietary licensing control software.

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