Machineable holograms

They are ideal for machineable systems of application

Machineable holograms

They are supplied in machineable coils for a fast and technological application by machineable systems , mainly used in production lines.

In order to guarantee the best compatibility with industrial automatism, complete personalization of coils is the category's main strength.
Diameter of coil's internal core, band's length, pace between single holograms and printing direction are modified according to each requirement.

Hologram can be personalized in form, colour and dimensions, in order to be conform with aesthetic lines of product on which it will be applied.
If the product needs a barcode for automatic identification during production line, it is possible to directly reproduce it on hologram with a specific not reflecting base.

Examples of application

It can be used in all sectors where there are an automatic labelling machine a serial production on packagings (parfumes, disks, books, etc), objects and spare parts.

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