Card with magnetic stripe, RFID and NFC

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Card with magnetic stripe, RFID and NFC

This is the ideal product for those who want to use the card in a centralized system in order to monitor access in a restricted area, follow the progress of a production line or recognize a specific customer and/or product.

The magnetic strip requires a particular reader for the stored information and is mainly used for managing access to restricted areas (companies, research centers, sports centers) or more generally in loyalty cards or gift cards.

RFID also requires a specific reader with the possibility of being read even at less close distances and of being applied in any position on a non-metallic object. For example, knowing the progress of a particular product in a production plant can be fundamental.

The NFC is successful thanks to the multiple fields of use and the appropriate reader also available on smartphones. Due to this technology, even the less experienced user can easily access additional content by simply touching the card containing the NFC chip.

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