Holograms with QR code

Safety and technology in one solution

Holograms with QR code

By reading the QR code you can get:

  • - the immediate verification of the authenticity of a product
  • - information relating to the product (place of production, composition, etc.)
  • - possibility of connecting to official e-shop sites
  • - possibility of connecting with links or videos

Digital authentication

Digital authentication is an easy-to-use verification system.
It is a powerful combination of unique identification codes that integrate with the hologram and make counterfeiting impossible.

The benefits of digital authentication

- Protects brand reputation by discouraging counterfeiting.
- Useful as a product verification tool for both the brand owner and the end customer.
- Can be used for user data collection and loyalty / guarantee management programs.
- Serves as a brand promotion and advertising platform.

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