Holograms for merchandising and license

The ideal solution to protect licensor and licensee

Holograms for merchandising and license

In recent years the number of Brands which decides to choose the outsource production and marketing of its products for various reasons or needs has grown exponentially. The Brand becomes a licensor and authorizes external licensee companies through regular contracts to manufacture the product by using the image and popularity of the Brand.

Protecting the interests of the parties is very important. The licensor needs to monitor how many products are sold to collect the rights of use of the trademark, while the licensee must make sure that there is no unfair competition from other companies not authorized to sell the same products with the same trademark.

The hologram meets the needs of both licensor and licensee. Sales are calculated based on the number of holograms sold and the licensee has the guarantee that the products without hologram are fake.

It is possible to add a numerical code on the hologram by means of our proprietary software, which allows having information on the licensee and the product by fully managing the licenses, sales reports, and the style guide of the Brand.

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