Research and monitoring of counterfeit products

We find the counterfeit products on the market

Research and monitoring of counterfeit products

Brands that choose to use the hologram as an anti-counterfeiting tool have the possibility to monitor their production by means of an innovative strategy. Thanks to our proprietary software it is possible to provide the company that owns the brand with a strong check and control tool.

The company can monitor the source of the activations by directly offering the end user the opportunity to check if the product he buys is genuine. Therefore you can find out if a product intended for the Italian market is being tracked by an American consumer, or if the same code is activated in locations that are too far apart. In this manner the end user makes an indirect contribution and informs the company of any counterfeit products on the market and thus allows performing all checks starting from real assumptions without losing economic resources in sample analysis.

Search for fake products on the web

The company can perform targeted checks on the main online stores, researching the branded products and checking their authorizations for sale. The company can also search the world of online publishing by means of specific very advanced services for any news regarding the brand to make sure that these advertisements and news are authentic.


The information is disseminated in various ways and it is our competence to analyze it.

Fair market

You can take care of your business without distraction while eliminating the risk of intellectual property theft.


Your customers will no longer be afraid of buying illegal products.

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