Woven labels with holograms

Ideal for clothing

Woven labels with holograms

It is par excellence anti-counterfeiting product. It is designed to be used on woven labels. Hologram and label are completely user-adjustable in form, colour and dimensions.

Hologram's welding process on labels uses hot stamping application technology, which makes holographic film inamovable.

It is possible to replace standard hologram by applying the holographic film directly on metallic band by micro-incision, by increasing safety level and by keeping personalization with the customer's logo or brand.

Woven labels can be consecutively or randomly numbered in order to trace information of the final product and guarantee a higher protection of consumer.

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Examples of application

It's the ideal solution for clothing and fashion, for bathing suits, shoes, umbrellas, curtains, etc.

Technical specifications

  • Sizes: user-adjustable
  • Numbering: consecutive or random
  • Material: polyester or other fabrics
  • Supply: coils to be cut, cut labels

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