Adhesive hologramsMaximum security

Simplicity makes it ideal to be used on documents and objects.

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Holograms with QR Code Safe and immediate

Ideal for instantly verifying the authenticity of a product.

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Holograms for Municipalities The complete solution

For parking pass, limited traffic zone and other necessities.

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Woven labels Perfect with a needle and thread

Sew it on fabric to protect your fashion creations.

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Adhesive warranty sealsFaster than sealing wax

The disposable device to protect intervention works and documents.

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Hang-tag with hologram Elegance and safety

Your product has never been now more than ever at centre of attention.

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Anti-counterfeiting holograms production

Consul+ srl is committed in combating counterfeiting for over 15 years, it deals with production and consultancy for supports preventing easy duplication of several products, from fashion to technological ones, from badges and parking tickets to municipal authorisations, yet to merchandising items and much more.

Consul+'s main instrument is hologram produced in several kinds and with several technologies, providing a turnkey consultancy to customers. Consul+ also deals with royalties' reports for licenseed brands.

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Hologram or "DOVID"(Diffractive Optically Variable Image Device) is an optic device changing the image according to lighting or angle of view . Considering it can not be reproduced, it is widely used as an anti-falsification system. (See, for example, Euro banknotes or credit cards).

A hologram is created by holography technique through impression of a sheet or a holographic film using a coherent bright source (laser).

Production of a hologram is made possible only after having realized a "MASTER" that can be produced with some precise safety techniques, such as engraving with an optic laser beam and overlapping images, and of higher safety, such as creation of diffractive images, made up of pixels, which are individually exposed to laser in sequence with focused laser beams.

Safety degree of a well designed hologram is very high. A proof is given by the fact that Euro and many other values use it as an anti-counterfeiting. Visa and the other main credit cards also use it as an efficient barrier against cloning attempts.

Esempio di utilizzo nelle banconote

Creation of graphic image

Consul+ is in position to create a personalized texture according to the customer's project and ideas, or it can develop already existent projects provided by customers in digital format.

Creation of an hologram occurs inside a lab laser, by realizing a Master we can develop with the following features: Dot Matrix (high definition), 2D/3D, Kinetic Effect, E-Beam.

International Licensing Project The web application for your licensing

Tangible and efficient prevention

Consul+ srl collaborates in realizing some projects with public and private institutions in order to prevent counterfeiting of documents and brands , in this protecting market and citizens.

Monetary anti-falsification

Consul+ srl actively works with the Monetary Anti-falsification Command of Carabinieres in identifying counterfeited banknotes.

Sport merchandising protection

Our company actively works with main football teams in order to protect merchandising products owned by sports companies.

Institutional boards

Our strengthened relationship with institutional boards, such as the financial police, allows us to protect and continually innovate brands and products offered by this company.

Partner - Aeronautica Militare

Aeronautica Militare

Partner - Marina Militare

Marina Militare

Partner - Consiglio dei Ministri

Consiglio dei Ministri

Partner - Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro

Università di Bari

Fashion World

Our steady research, together with the most important fashion ateliers, has created an anti-counterfeiting product with a magnificient and winsome design fitted to the most refined items and to the most known runway shows.

Partner - Krizia


Partner - Gattinoni


Partner - FranklinFranklin & Marshall

Franklin & Marshall

Partner - Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin

Other projects

Consul+ srl commits itself in keeping strengthened relationships with companies and institutions in order to offer them always the best anti-counterfeiting solution which is suitable to the customer' sector and sale channel.

Vespa Aprilia

Partner - Vespa Aprilia
Partner - Gruppo Piaggio

Gruppo Piaggio

Sergio Tacchini

Partner - Sergio Tacchini
Partner - Rai


Gruppo Nike

Partner - Gruppo Nike
Partner - Santa Sede

Santa Sede