Made in Italy The third known brand in the world after Coca Cola and Visa


From a historic point of view Made in Italy was an English expression referring to Italian producers. Starting from the eightees, this expression became symbol of products' appreciation and Italian character against falsification of Italian production, above all as regards the four more traditional sectors of fashion, goods, furniture and mechanics.

Company commitment

Consul+ srl produces holograms and holographic price tags with alfanumerical numbering and with hot stamping technique, for companies aiming to underline the Italian character of their production.

Trading of "Made in" holographic products happens through "Made in" upon company' self-certification with which it relieves Consul+ srl from all liabilities for lying or not true declarations that can escape from its ordinary controls.

Furthermore, labels with the writing "Made in" and connected to the Italian region, have been created.

Product's guarantee

From number of label, Consul+ , through its proprietary software International Licensing Project can go back producer, period of production and to production batch.