Production of QR and barcode Digital information

Which one to choose?

Thanks to technology, it is possible to use optic or digital players to automate industrial process, like production lines or to offer an additional service final consumers.

Depending on sectors of use, it is more advisable to choose one or the other technology.

  • QR Code with brand in the centre
  • QR Code on hologram
  • Barcode on hologram

QR Code

A QR Code can be easily "read" by any smartphone or tablet and it is possible to graphically personalize it with the company's logo or brand, it is naturally safer if integrated on the not reproducible holographic support.

Unlike a barcode, QR code can return to web pages with additional information (written works, pictures, videos, PDF documents , etc).

Static or Dynamic QR?

Static QR code contains a reference to a web page or to a written text in a permanent way.

Dynamic QR code contains references to a web page or a written text that can after change. If you need to change the reference web page of a product already on market, it is not necessary to recall products and print again QR codes.


When you need to automate charge and discharge systems of a storehouse, or to supervise products during production line, barcode represents solution.

In fact, a barcode saves numerical and alfanumerical series, and it is ideal to identify article codes of goods. The most used codifications are : EAN-13, EAN-13 +5, Code 39.

In alfanumerical barcodes, dimension increases as well as information to be contained. For this reason, it is advised to have a standard length of codes.