International Licensing Project Web application for your licensing

Turnkey project

We propose an exclusive software on market, Internationl Licensing Project, which allows to companies licensing their brand and to licensee companies to supervise to supervise their orders, items and reports.

This software is completely in cloud and guarantees access from any place and with any device such as tablet, laptop or desktop.


Stop with reports on detachable papers and phone orders.

Additional information


Pictures, graphic acceptances, sale prices and styleguide.


Orders' summary, acceptances, exports, shipments all over the world.


Univocal numbers, distinctions according to brand, integration on web sites or apps.

Brand's owners

To collaborate with one's licensees on a steady and lasting way.

Additional information


Report each one, three, six, twelve months, statistics and graphics custom-tailored contracts.


Important communications, enclosures, memorandums, meetings and Email notices.


To postpone expirations, to remind by EMail, to make temporal summary enclosures' management.

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