Adhesive hologramsThe best sellers

Simplicity makes it ideal to be used on documents and objects.

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Tamper Holograms The safest ones

It destroys itself at the first tampering attempt. It is very good to guarantee safety on the most important documents.

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Holographic price tag Elegance and safety

Your product has never been now more than ever at centre of attention.

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Brand owners


Antonio De Domenico - Founder
I don't remember any company, whose brand is protected by one of our holograms and whose life has not been full of success.
Hologram is something like the magic word pointing quality and attention to detail as regards wool items: Cashmere.
To protect your brand means to protect your ideas and so your soul:
if advertising is the soul of business, hologram is the soul of your brand.
Antonio De Domenico Founder


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