Product traceability Identify a hologram

Univocal identification

A product with a numbered hologram is a product with identity card. It contains all relevant information of product: year of its introduction in market, pictures, its seller or other information choosen by customer.

It is possible to trace production route of product and be sure it is original.

Traceability with International Licensing Project

Consul+ srl allows brand owners to trace and check all numberings on holograms, price tags, and cards through proprietary software.

Traceability on one's website or mobile app

When also final consumer must check traceability, it is important it's in line with style of brand.

In order to guarantee a high level of personalization by the brand owner, Consul+ srl allows to enter its servers to software'developers through API (programming interface of an application).

Online research

Check number of hologram in real time and receive technical data sheet of product.


Each number corresponds to a brand's product. There is no way to make a mistake.


Software developers can integrate traceability on every device.